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Ingenium aids businesses in achieving lasting success by providing strategic planning, impactful learning and development, and efficient digital solutions. Recently, the Detail Factory team was responsible for rebranding the company in line with its shift towards digitalisation, which included a new brand identity and internal policies. As a result of the pandemic, all business training and workshops were moved online.

To establish Ingenium as a leading online business and improve its competitiveness in the digital marketing landscape, the project scope involved various tasks such as developing the brand identity, creating internal branded document styles, designing powerpoints for online training courses, crafting a business pillar sales deck, producing consultancy reports, creating training program brands, and designing sales brochures/flyers and digital graphics for social media. All of these initiatives were made with the intention of giving Ingenium a powerful and recognisable brand identity.


We collaborate with clients who are passionate about transformative projects, bringing their brand stories to life through cutting-edge design and captivating storytelling.